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Our “End of Life Cost Recovery Program”
for all Plastic Pallets that we Supply Offers
A Truly Sustainable, Cost Lowering, Solution
to Your Material Handling Needs!

Why Choose 100% Recycled Plastic Pallets?

  • Life is 10 – 40 times longer than wood
  • Lower life cycle costs (cost per trip)
  • Has a residual (trade-in) value up to 25%
  • Used Plastic Pallets are 100% recyclable
  • Anti-Skid grommets for top and bottom
  • Easy to sanitize and clean
  • Cleaner warehouse environment, no wood splinters, nails, no insect infestation, etc.
  • Full picture frame / 3 runner base options
  • Patented rod design for increased racking capabilities
  • No product damage due to broken pallets
  • Improved safety and performance

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